so very happy to see this today

“40% of Afghanistan’s skateboarders are female.100 % of those are tough as nails. “ Source: @Skateistan
Chris Pratt wasn’t the only one to lose weight for his role on Guardians of the Galaxy
Finding out the feather ban has been lifted
I looked this one up today, after reading in an IndieWire article that “nearly half of all children under the age of 5 in the US today are not white." They brought this up in relation to how white our animated movies are today.
And they can’t even use the excuse that there aren’t enough talented minority actors, which we all know is bullshit anyway.

This Mike Brown Story is sickening. For those that don’t know, the cops shot an 17 year old kid because they suspected he stole candy from a store. They shot him 10 times, killing him, then leaving his body in the streets for hours. People from the community protest and rally against the cops and what do they do? Bring military weapons out and police K9’s….

Some days you wake up and find that while you were enjoying your weekend in peace & quiet, not far away the world was falling apart for so many people.
Why don’t all police cars have dash cameras already?!?


John Lennon in A Hard Day’s Night. 

A Hard Day’s Night turns 50 today! 

Got ‘em, coach!