the idea of an old man singing it, the end of his life, it changes everything

totally different song, and much more hopeless, like it’s… it’s bleak
usually by the time you’re that age, you’ve found resolution.

so to have a sorta twenty-something angst in your sixties or seventies…

it’s not angst anymore,
it’s despair.
it’s brutal

– Malcolm Gladwell and Rick Rubin discussing Johnny Cash’s cover of Hurt by NIN on the Broken Record Podcast


Reuben Sutherland’s Kaleidoscopic Doodles

Reuben Sutherland is from New Zealand and is job is ‘mostly making arty graphic stuff’.  He makes his gifs as part of the Audiovisual duo Sculpture for live performances.  He views his gifs as ‘doodles’ just to show zoetropes and how they animate.  Despite his downplaying of these gifs as ‘doodles’ they are inventive, beautiful and mesmerizing.  I may even call these Art.

Posted by David  

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