Because selfishness spreads like a contagious yawn, the real hypocrisy of the Home ads is that if everyone embraced Zuckerberg’s ideology, only one type of social connection would remain: fleeting entertainment buddies. The very second we become boring, the moment we make communication anything more than a self-satisfying convenience, we’d be abandoned by fair-weather friends.

Facebook Home Propaganda Makes Selfishness Contagious

Cleaning out my old ditty bag:
Black-out wrap, q-tips, nails, c-47s, chalk, note cards, ASC manual, filter samples, depth-of-field chart, chalk, Motrin, rope, film processing slips, grey card, lens cleaner, sharpies, Boy Scout first aid kit, lens blower brush, slate, and a remainder roll of 30’ of Kodak 7222 that I probably had high hopes for at one time