I asked my husband to make me a book trailer based solely on how he felt after reading Nights I Let The Tiger Get You.

This is what he came up with.

(Oh yeah, and the book will be out REALLY SOON! You can preorder it here, or, if you’re in the LA area, come to Skylight Books on May 23rd and hear me read and drink some wine and eat some cheese and buy it there. IT’LL BE A BLAST.)

This trailer is so good, i will probably have to buy that book of poetry. dammit.


“Every director has a different thing. Some directors are very musical. Some directors are very technical. Some are very inspirational and in the spur of the moment react to the situations with what the actors would do…James put a crew around him who were very talented and interesting people, not the usual crew. Now we want to gather the same people together and do another film together. The producer, James [Gray] and I want to find the same people — like a family of people who want to make films, more than just hiring people for the job because they’re good. It’s more like creating a family around a project. I really believe in that. That’s why I am not doing really big films at the moment. I believe in cinema as like family.”

— Darius Khondji, cinematographer for The Immigrant, on making cinema as a family

Still from The Immigrant (2013, dir. James Gray)